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Surface Preparation 
Steel Abrasives are used to clean the surface and create the roughness required to give a good key for the adhesion of coatings (painting, powder coating, enameling, metallization, rubber bonding etc.)
Scale Removal 
Steel Abrasives are used for cleaning ferrous or non ferrous alloys; products from forging, stamping, die-forging, drawing and rolling or after heat treatment (e.g., pipes, sections, plates, fittings, wire).
Sand Removal 
Steel Abrasives are used for cleaning of castings.
Steel abrasives will deal with small and complex casting to large scale castings, removing sand and surface debris from the casting surface.
Steel Abrasives are used for the removal of burrs arising during injection moulding of metallic products (e.g., aluminum alloys, rubber resins).
Granite Cutting 
The process used for cutting hard stone, such as granite, has been revolutionized by the introduction of the steel abrasive.

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